Top 10 habits can enhance your lifestyle

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For a healthy life, everyone has to follow the below mentioned Top 10 habits can enhance your lifestyle. If you skip any one then your lifestyle can be affected badly.

Top 10 habits can enhance your lifestyle


Revamp your Diet

The first Best habits are to revamp your diet. You can do it by your breakfast. In  Breakfast, have to include 1 glass of plain cold milk, 4–5 blackberries, 4–5 raspberries and 1 banana. Additionally,  you can take some dry fruits as well. This daily habits can fresher your morning because of this healthy breakfast.

Then move towards lunch, salad, yoghurt, lentils and 2 slices of bread/chapatis are enough for you. Dinner is usually a guacamole sandwich or some more salad.

Drink Water

The second best habit is to drink plenty of water in a day. you should consume 6 to 8 glass a day. You can drink simple filtered water as well add 2 slices of lemon, organic honey, and predicament into the water. You should keep sipping Throughout a day.

It keeps you away from germs and cold/cough kind of ailments. This is very important for your daily.

Restrict on 1 cup of Tea and Coffee

cup of tea

The third best habit of Top 10 habits is to restrict yours on 1 cup of tea or coffee which will help to consume less sugar a day.

Afternoon Snack

You have to eat at least 1 apple at about 4 PM. This is important as you consider this to be your afternoon snack before you go to the gym in the evening.

Walk-in Evening

For evening exercise, you have to walk for at least 15 to 30 minute. And keep in mind this should be regular. Don’t miss a single day.

evening walk


The gym includes an hour of running and walking on the treadmill, followed by lifting weights and floor exercises.

Take a shower on a daily base

You need to take a shower in the morning in winter and twice a day in summer (even when it is snowing outside). It will keep you clean.

Brush your teeth

For the best lifestyle, you need to brush your teeth twice a day (even if you have not eaten anything in the dinner).

Eat Your dinner at 10 PM

At night, you should make a habit to eat dinner at least 10 pm then you can do your work for 1 or 2 hours. After that clean, your kitchen and straightaway go and brush your teeth instead of waiting to brush before you hit the bed.

Sleep for 7-8 hours

Last best habit is to give yourself 7–8 hours of sleep each night. it will freshen your mind and you can do your routine task efficiently.


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