Things to avoid in life | Which 10 things we should never do in your life?

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There are 100 things which everyone has to avoid in their lives. Because Things to avoid in life are fruitful for our healthy lifestyle. In case of ignoring these, you have to be ready for a critical problem. So below I have mentioned 10 things we should never do in your life.

Things to avoid in life | Which 10 things we should never do in your life?
Things to avoid in life | Which 10 things we should never do in your life?

Don’t Sleep with Mobile Phone

Don’t ever sleep with your mobile phone. We are highly dependent on our mobile, as much as we may hate to admit it. Our phones are never too far away, either day or night. And while phones are an important part of our lives, there are a number of explanations why you should not sleep with your phone. Although I can believe that we are all aware of doing so.

  • Firstly, it impacts your sleeping routines. On a subconscious level, when you have your phone near you at night time, you subconsciously say you want to attend to your phone, which has the potential to increase your level of anxiety as you are constantly alert and expectant of what might happen. That means you are less likely to have deep sleep of good quality.
  • It may also increase stress levels, cause insomnia or concentration, problems with memory, loss of productivity, irritability, nightmares and headaches.

Never share your lipstick

Never share your lipstick or lip gloss. You may be in the habit of sharing them with your friends. But that could potentially harm you because they may hold some not so nice things. Here are some reasons why you should stop sharing.

  • Lip skin is one of your most vulnerable body parts. A net of capillaries lies just beneath the thin membrane of your lips. Even if a couple of days have gone by after someone else used the balm, lipstick, or lipstick, any viruses exposed will live for weeks. Certainly don’t share a slight split in the skin, chapped lips.

If anybody uses it, make sure that you throw it away because it is a wet environment, making it the ideal place to grow for bacteria.

Never heat breast milk in the microwaves

Never heat breast milk in the microwaves. Microwaves not only heat up milk unevenly, but excessive heat has the potential to destroy important nutrients, proteins, and vitamins within the milk your baby needs. The CDC recommended that you follow these guidelines to ensure that breast milk is properly handled, meaning your baby will have more nutrients.

Store breast milk in small containers of around two to four ounces. It should be used within two hours if there is any leftover breast milk after the baby has been fed. It’s also recommended that you use cooled breast milk within four days.

Never leave water bottles in your car

Never leave water bottles in your car. Leaving a water bottle in your car can present a huge fire hazard. When a liquid-filled bottle comes into contact with sunlight it will act as a magnifying glass. The liquid inside and the clear material of the bottle creates a focused beam that can cause spontaneous combustion or fire.

Never pinch spots or pimples

Never pinch spots or pimples. Even though it can be tempting to pop the mischievous spot on your nose, refrain from doing it as you can do more harm than good. spots appear when the pores on your face become clogged and bacteria begin to grow in it.

If you’re trying to pinch or pop a pimple, you ‘re damaging the pore layer, making it more vulnerable to bacteria, exposing you to a higher chance of developing an infection, or potentially leading to a scar on your skin. It is best to let the skin fend for itself. Alternatively, seek to remove any factors that can initially trigger inflammation.

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Never pack lithium batteries in checked luggage

If you’re packing batteries in your luggage, ready to power up your devices during your ride, you might need to think again. While fine when mounted in your electronic devices, when loose, lithium batteries can be very dangerous. They may be small in size but they can inflict serious harm.

If they can move freely, they can catch fire while flying and cause devastating damage to planes. There are also issues about the firing and explosion of lithium batteries inside the plane hull, throwing them down.

Never go to sleep hungry

It has been proven that hunger pains keep the brain mentally alert and attentive making it more difficult in night’s sleep. Its not only causes negative effects such as a weaker immune system, peaking blood levels and mood swings. But it can also lower your metabolism and increase levels of the hormone called ghrelin, which increases your appetite.

To avoid those pesky hunger pains when going to bed, make sure you don’t miss meals during the day. You may want to opt for a light snack before bed. If not, you may be up for a while and wake up feeling more tired and achy than usual.

Never read while on the toilet

You may think, is this guy serious? Doctors recommend that you’re better off keeping your bodily functions to no more than 15 minutes and only make the adventure to the bathroom when the urge hits you. If your urge to poop is not there, you may be tempted to push or strain to get the dirty job done. That straining can lead to haemorrhoids, swollen blood vessels around your anus that become inflamed, painful, and have the potential to bleed.

So diverting your attention away from doing the deed by looking through your phone or reading a book or a magazine on hand, can get you out of the pooping mode. If you’re sitting on the throne for more than 15 minutes, it may be a sign that something’s wrong. However, it could be something as simple as stress or that you need more fibre in your diet.

Never use a dull knife

Yes, never use a dull knife. A sharp knife will do what it’s intended to do, which is to cut things, cleanly and decisively. For example, if you were cutting an onion with a blunt knife the layers will separate causing the blade to veer off. You will then find yourself spending more time and effort trying to cut smaller pieces.

Never turn off your air vent in an aeroplane

Aeroplanes are infamous for rarely getting the temperature right on flights that satisfy everyone on board. They also happen to be one of those places that are notorious for making us sick. Doctors have discovered that keeping your air vent on, even on its lowest setting will help with ventilation keeping airborne viruses at bay.

They act as a barricade for many floating particles by creating a sort of air barrier protecting you from any nasties, and forcing any bad stuff towards the ground, stopping you from breathing it in, keeping you happy and healthy. So, when you’re next on a flight, it may benefit you greatly to just throw on a jumper and keep that air vent on.

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