7 Best PhD graduate advise to a new PhD student

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There are a bundle of advises that PhD graduate gives to new students who intended to start their PhD. So if newly PhD student follows these advises then I am sure they will be successful in their professional career.

7 Best PhD graduate advise to a new PhD student
7 Best PhD graduate advise to a new PhD student

Why do you want to do a PhD?

The first PhD graduate advise is that which is Before starting your PhD as a new PhD student you have to ask yourself.

  • Why do you want to do a PhD?
  • Do your goal is only getting a degree?
  • Do you need a PhD for your goal?
  • Do you want to explore your knowledge?

If your answers are in favour to get new knowledge which will benefit society, then definitely this is your field otherwise you can quit it in your first year.

Follow Advisors if it benefits you

The second best advice is to know what you really want from your advisor.

  • Do you need an advisor that will give you one on one advise, or do you like to survive alone?
  • Do you need professional development, like your advisor?
  • Does your advisor put their best efforts into your learning?

If you notice that you are not getting what you need from your advisor then you have to leave as early as you notice it and join a new advisor.


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Find mentors outside of your advisor

Try to find the mentor other than the advisor that can advise you on your career. Also, the mentor can help navigate difficult conversations. The mentor can speak to others or your advisor on your behalf. Also if you are interested in the industry to make connections with faculty then its also a fruitful for you. However, the best mentor helps you in the best way to design your PhD to give you the tools for a successful transition into the private sector.

Think carefully about your project

Here the best thing is you have to choose a topic that you are interested in it. So make sure that you enjoy what you are working on. Additionally, keep in mind the skills which you will gain from your project that benefit you in your future.

PhD is a long term process

You have to think a 1000 times prior to starting a PhD which is its time taking a degree. So you have to work hard but take time for you. Most PhD programs go from 5–7 years. So set realistic deadlines for yourself and try to achieve them to the best of your abilities but understand that setbacks happen. Pace yourself and work smarter not harder. Working 16 hours days doesn’t mean you are actually getting more done.

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Don’t do PhD if you think

PhD graduate said If you feel PhD isn’t for you then you need to quit. The reality is people dreams and plans to change with the passage of time. If you feel this way, be honest with yourself and ask yourself if this is needed for your goals and if you want to proceed. After you ask yourself those questions then speak with faculty you trust and respect and then take some time to really think about it. If you do all of that and feel that this isn’t for you, do not be afraid to quit.

Work on soft skills early

In the end, you have to take classes on professional development such as grant writing, science writing, etc. Most people do not know properly about:

  • how to write about science
  • how to apply for funding etc

So these training classes will be imperative in helping with those skills. Also, try to look out for meetings and conferences and possible travel awards. Conferences and meetings help you learn what is in your field and also to building important connections that will help with your career. Networking and presenting aren’t easy and take practice.



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